Landscape - Nicholas Taffs
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Knee Deep - Spray Lakes, Alberta

Initially I thought this was going to be an easy shot to get. It was only a short walk from the car to this cool dried up mud flat next to a lake. Wow, was I wrong. It turns out the mud was not dry in the least. Each step out I could feel the mud squish under my feet but it was holding my weight so I continued on. As I stood behind the camera I ended up slowly sinking into the mud while trying to get the photo the way I wanted it. Before I knew it, I was knee deep and stuck, and I mean really stuck. It took me almost twenty minutes to break free from the grip it had on me and that was just because I gave up and pulled off my boots and sacrificed my clean dry socks. Lucky for all of you, I survived and am able to present this photo of a man eating cracked up mud flat in Kananaskis.