Landscape - Nicholas Taffs
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Dreaming Balsamroot

Sure I could say something about this image that leads you to believe I was in a remote location and witnessed a magical night under billions of stars yada yada yada... The truth is, I'd be lying. This image is a composition of a balsamroot flower I photographed along the main road heading into Waterton National Park in Southern Alberta, and the sky was a combination of photos taken in the Mojave Desert in California. This was just a fun little edit for me, nothing more. As a photographer I see too often people claim a photo was taken in an exotic place in magical conditions. I often chuckle because the truth is that the photos are often everything but that. Many times I even recognize the locations and they are literally roadside, with a gigantic moon, or a shooting star added in for effect etc. I think photography in the digital era in particular landscape photos need to be taken with a grain of salt and one must appreciate a photo for what it is and not for any form of truth or authenticity.