Landscape - Nicholas Taffs
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#Waterfall - Alberta, Canada

Living near a major tourist destination, I have witnessed first hand the impact social media has had on the environment. There are places I know of that would only see a handful of visitors each year that have now turned into a circus, all to get the same “selfie” that some big shot has on their feed. Unfortunately with increase in traffic, an equal correlation of garbage and disrespect for the land seems to trail behind. This waterfall is a long distance from the major tourist areas but due to social media appears it too is succumbing to the same fate as many other great places that have been destroyed or shut down to lack of respect. I hope my doom and gloom perception is not the true reality, but the sheer amount of garbage I picked up while hiking the short trail to the river seemed to say otherwise. As these great places get shut down one by one, we will only have ourselves to blame. I am happy to see so many people getting out and seeing the world, but it pains me to see how many people blatantly disrespect the hard work that others have put in to provide us with such wonderful places.