Landscape - Nicholas Taffs
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Weathered - Banff National Park, Alberta

I decided on taking a morning to enjoy the sunrise at Two Jack Lake while out for a morning photo shoot in Banff National Park. I discovered a piece of driftwood that was positioned with a beautiful backdrop of Cascade Mountain. After taking the photo, I was all excited to come home to process the image. Unfortunately I noticed that this driftwood seemed to be in every photo taken at this lake in Google’s search results. This place was obviously a hotbed for photographers. I usually pride myself for trying to capture places that are more obscure. When looking online almost every photo was shot from the same angle as I had, and had the same colour scheme during sunrise. As I processed the image I felt that black and white gave this photo the extra little bit it needed to become a standalone photo that distinguished a distinct difference from the plethora of popular images. It was after this, that I realized why I stopped and photographed it in the first place. It caught my eye because it had all of the elements to make a great image. I just needed to create what I saw when I was there.