Landscape - Nicholas Taffs
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Sands of Time - Mojave Desert Preserve, California

Deep in the Mojave Desert there is a valley that contains some very unique sand dunes. When travelling into the Mojave Desert preserve in California, it seems as if you enter a new planet when you drop down into the valley containing Kelso Dunes. The sand dunes appear out of nowhere and are towering up to 700 feet high. This became an unforgettable experience hiking up the sand in blistering heat. What makes these dunes unique is the fact that they are known as “singing” sand dunes. The sounds that come off of the dune in certain conditions resemble the sound of a subwoofer pounding bass after each step. This is created by resonating sound caused by the friction from layers of sand sliding across each other under your feet. This is only one of few in the world that are known for this phenomenon. The first time I felt it under my feet I jumped because I thought I stepped on a snake under the sand.